Hello Adulthood

Guys. I’m moving. I’m a big girl now. I’ll have to pay rent. I’m so scared I might pee.

I’m freaking the heck out.

I was originally supposed to move end of May but now I’m moving May 1.

Hello Adulthood,

please don’t let me crash and burn.

I’m so nervous. I’m so excited.

I’m all grown up now, after all I bought my first shower curtain. If that doesn’t mean I’m all grown up then I don’t know what does.

I wish I had something to show you, like an outfit, or makeup, but I don’t. I have worked every day this week and I have nothing but unbrushed hair, and bags under my eyes to show for it.

But I do have something to show you!

These past few weeks I have been suffering with OCRBD, or Obsessive Compulsive Ring Buying Disorder.

I have been obsessed with buying rings. Midi rings especially. My favorite places to buy midi rings are Aldo and Maurices.


Their rings are super cute, super cheap, and super adorable.

I recommend buying them from any place that isn’t expensive though.

Okay, I’ll have another blog post up later tonight.

See ya later alligator!


I saw this yesterday, and I loved it.



Spring Cleaning.

I cleaned my room today guys. Now this may not seem like a big task for many but most days I have my closet sprawled out across my bedroom. I guess I like to see my options at all times, instead of tucked away in a tiny closet.

I needed to do some spring cleaning, and I am glad I finally did it!

Here is the finished product.


I’m proud that I got this done, I kept saying “I’ll do it today…..errr…..tomorrow.” Then somehow that “tomorrow turned into three weeks later. That’s is 21 tomorrow’s. That’s pathetic.

Bad, Selina.

Besides my task I completed today, I also wanted to tell you guys about this store I am obsessed with.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Maurices on my blog before, and I’m going to mention it again. IAbsolutelyLoveThisStoreWithAllMyHeart!!!!!!!!!!!

My style, especially in the summer is very Bohemian or “boho” as people say. I love lace, and crochet tops. Palazzo pants get me every time too. Those darn things are just the best.

Maurices, is seriously the best, it’s almost too dangerous for me to walk in there.

I’ll link some of the stuff I like from there below.

Palazzo Pants – $34.00

Tank – $29.00

Kimono – $20.00

Maxi Dress – $44.00 (Eureka! This price makes me sad.)

Tunic Vest – $34.00

Bralette – $14.00 (Hooray for small “speed bumps” where we can wear these!!)
Okay that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely night! I’ll talk to you all as soon as possible!

Love you! Have a fantastic rest of your evening.


Selina, Al, and Leo

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.56.15 PM

If I Was Stranded on a Desert Island.

Here are the ten things I would bring with me if I were going to be shipped to a desert island. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. Here ya go anyways.

1. Al. IMG_5415 This dog is my soulmate. He rescued me, I didn’t rescue him. Everyone thinks that their dog is the greatest dog in the world, and they’re right. Everyone’s dog is the greatest. Mines just the best at being the greatest. I’m not bias about him or anything… 😉

2. Calvin. Calvin Collage This is my boyfriend of four years. I expect a ring at some point in life just not at this point in my life.

3. Dr. Pepper.Dr-Pepper-Poster It’s good. It’s delicious. It’s going to a desert island with me.

4. An endless supply of Kale. It’s my favorite. kale-benefits-1-1

5. Sunblock. I don’t tan, I burn.

6. Shampoo. My hair is a greasy mess most days and I refuse to have my hair not be washed. I probably do smile like this while washing my hair. I love the feeling of clean hair.Unknown

7. My blanket. I’m always cold, and my blanket is never to far out of reach. I love that thing. Its old, faded, and torn, but it’s mine. I wish I had a picture.

8. A Hammock. Those things are the bomb. But I’d need an automatic rocker one (if they make those) because I hate having to swing myself.

9. Toothpaste… enough said.

10. Cards. I’ll get bored pretending I am Ariel from the little mermaid all day, so I’ll need a deck of cards.

My favorite makeup brand.

I love Kat Von D. I think she is beautiful, and her confidence inspires me.

Whether you think she has too many tattoo’s or not, she is fantastic.


Her makeup line is the best thing that has ever happen to me.

The first thing I ever tried was the lock-it tattoo concealer and I was hooked.

Then I tried the lock-it tattoo foundation. Again, and again, and again.

Ms. Von D’s makeup line is the bomb. Her foundation is full coverage and a little goes a long way.

Her foundation is my favorite foundation by a long shot. It is fairly thick, which is the consistency I like in a foundation.

I love L’Oreal’s true math but its a little too runny for me. I don’t want to feel like I’m lathering juice all over my face.

That’s just a personal preference though. L’Oreal is still one of my favorite brands.

Anyways Kat’s makeup line is everything.

I recently purchased her contouring kit. I have yet to try it but reading all the review’s I know I am already in love.

Also check out her lipsticks. I only have one but its my favorite lipstick. It’s the only lipstick that truly stays on my lips for a decent about of time.

Alright loves, hope you all have a good night, make good choices. Talk to you soon.



Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.56.15 PM

I’d Rather Wear Pajamas, But That is Tacky.

So yesterday I worked and I didn’t feel like dressing to the nines. On top of that my hair made a rats nest look organized. In case you all haven’t noticed, I like my hair up and in buns.

That’s just what I prefer.

Anyways what I did was wear my hair in a bun, added a black headband. Wore some leggings, a black tank, a blouse, and a chunky necklace.



I looked like I tried, but I didn’t! Isn’t that fun? I love tricking people like that. Looking nice, but not even really trying.

I got my necklace from my grandmother. She said she got it from Charming Charlie. It’s not mine. It’s hers. I took it. She knows though, so I didn’t steal it.

 I linked a necklace that is semi similar in “chunky-ness”  to the necklace I am wearing.

The blouse is from Cato. I also linked the link for the blouse too. It’s on clearance for only $14.99! Go! BUY! BUY! BUY!

Have a good day! Happy Sunday.


I Found THE ONE!

I found the one, guys! After years of searching and browsing, I’ve managed to find my soulmate.

His name is Mr. Grey.

…..Its a grey shirt.

I’m in love with it.

It was cheap too! I got it from Target too! target-dog-lrg

Here it is!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.37.53 PM

Have you ever seen a more beautiful shirt?

I’m kidding. It’s nothing special, but it is my new favorite shirt. I wear it at least twice a weak. There is just so much you can do with a grey shirt.

You can dress it up, or down. You can be sophisticated, or a laid-back Lucy in this shirt.

This shirt is über cute. I love that word, über. Über. Über. Über. Über. So fun!

I am a grey type of gal. I like white, grey, and black. Those are my favorite colors.

Buy a grey shirt. It’s way better that Christian Grey could ever be. You can do more with it.

The Man Upstair, and Everywhere Else

I believe in God with 100% of my heart. I also believe that at this point in my life He is getting a kick out of all the dumb things I’ve done lately.

I’m positive He’s looking down saying “I told you so Selina Jo, you’re a goofball, I love you, but you’re a goofball.”

Regardless of all that the “Man Up Stairs” is on my side. I may be completely frazzled right now and every plan I make may be up in the air but He’s got my back.

You know what they say though “if you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”

So I planned, and planned, and planned, and he laughed, and laughed, and laughed. :\

At this time last year I was going to go to a State school to be a med. student.


One semester at that school, I left, and got put on depression pills. He knew better, I didn’t. He let me figure it out for my self.

In my mind this is what God thinks while I go ahead and fail at life.

Me: *Wakes up* (usually grumpy) “Okay I am going to do it my way because I know my way is the best way.”

God: *shakes his head, but smiles* “Silly girl, you tried this yesterday”

Me: “No, God I’ve got this, I love ya but I can do it.”

God: “No, you can’t remember yesterday when you tried to do it without me and fell on your face.”

Me: “Yeah but today is a new day, let me just try.”

God: “Okay sweets, ya think you can handle it. I’m gonna go on and watch you try. You just go on ahead and see what all you can do, without my help.” *shakes his head and laughs*

*Five Minutes later*

Me: “Hi, God I messed up again.”

God: “I know. And when you try to do it all over again tomorrow, and fail, I’ll still be here.”
Me: “Thanks Pal! You’re the man!”

God: “No I created man.”

I’m sure God has humor. Heck, He created me, He has to have a humor.

I’m not sure what my point is about this post but I wanted to blog about my faith.

God’s a funny guy, He’s got your back, and will always have it.

I don’t know much, but I do know He’s always rooting for me, He loves me, and I can’t wait to meet him someday.

I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy this post. It has nothing to do with fashion or makeup, but God is first in my life and I love to talk about him more than I love to talk about anything else.

❤ ❤ ❤

Love you!

My Not So Clever Title

It’s just one of those…months I think.

This is not my day, not my week, not my month. I somehow managed to get a first class seat on the struggle bus. Without even trying! Lucky me! 😐

I started my new job! I have two jobs now. I work at a clothing store and a restaurant.

Which means I am tired. And that I miss my bed. Beds are the bomb.

Speaking of bombs… I can’t wait until we bomb the ever-loving shit out of ISIS.

Sorry for the naughty word but its the only good way to express my feelings for that sentence.

Okay. Enough of my random thought train.


Lets talk makeup.

Lets talk about what every one has been talking about lately. The Lime Crime scandal.

Those mischievous little scammers.

So for those of you who don’t know. Lime crime is apparently stealing money from customers and not owning up to it.

That is all the information I really have about this scandal but I would like you all to know that I will not be supporting this company anymore.

I have three of their lipsticks. In all honesty I probably wasn’t going to purchase from them again anyways because I wasn’t impressed. They just didn’t last on my lips.

Seriously though, stealing money from people who were already giving money to you in the first place. What a low blow. It really takes your faith out of humanity.

If you’ve heard anything else about this scandal let me know! I want to know the scoop.

The owner of this company ought to be ashamed of themselves. She takes no responsibility and in fact is actually blaming her customers.


Okay. I am sorry if this post came off as depressing or too complain-y.

Here’s a photo that always makes me smile.


I mean look at it. How can you not smile.

Also because I said that some people make you lose faith in humanity here is a link that’ll help you restore your faith.


I love you!

Have a good night! I’ll talk to you when I can, I promise! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Fam

I come from a small family. I have a mom and dad (most of us do, that’s’ how we got here), and a little brother.

This is us. A long time ago.

Mark + Vicki + Braxton + Selina = family.


My parents are parents. They work and do whatever it is people with full-time jobs and two kids do.

So basically they work, sleep, and pay bills.

Sometimes they get really crazy and stay up past 9:30. That’s on a rare occasion though.


This is Mom. I forget sometimes her real name is Vicki, because in my mind her legal name is Mom.

Anyways, mom likes to sleep often, but she gets up at the crack of dawn. Mom also has a passion for power walking. She’ll walk around the neighborhood in any weather. She’s cute, I love her.

She works too much. She also cries at anything. I’m pretty sure she’s cried watching the season finale of The Bachelor. 

She’s a lovely women though, God blessed me with her.When I go to heaven I need to remember to thank Him for her.

She’s put up with a lot.

That’s all I have to say about Mom.


This is Dad. He works too much as well. I miss him. I look the most like him, and I act the most like him. He’s a fairly chill guy. He likes to lecture you until you fall asleep (don’t tell him I said that).

Dad also likes to fish…likes, is an understatement. My mother is not my dads first love, fishing is. He doesn’t care if he caught 100 fishes or zero. All his fishing buddies (we call them his “girlfriends”) share this bizarre passion for fishing too.

How I feel about fishing, is how he feels about makeup. Meaning, I’m sure it’s great, but not for me.


This is Sibling. I have many names I call him but the top three are Sibling, Baby Brother, and Braxy. Clearly my “little” brother is not so little. He’s 16 and 6 ft tall.

This kid is my BFF.

You know how people say twins have telepathy? Well we do too. We speak fluent sibling.

My sibling is the best. I love him. I’m also very protective of him. I can make fun of him, and laugh at him, but until Hell freezes over no one else can.

My favorite thing ever is that I got to grow up with my best friend. I used to dress him in my clothes (I loved putting him in skorts) He didn’t know the difference. I was his sister and I told him to do it so he listened.

We got to go to France for two weeks over the summer and that was the most amazing experience.

One of the oddest things in life is watching your sibling grow up. Braxton may be 6ft, run cross country, drive a car, and have a girlfriend.

In my mind, however; Braxton will always be 4 years old, afraid of anything, play with Hot Wheels, and think girls have cooties.

No matter what may happen, this is my family. My “ride or die” as the kids say it these days.

No one can mess with them. If they try, they’ll have to go through all 5’2 of me first.