All I wish to do is sleep.


Today I wish to sleep.
I had to work at five am and I’m not exactly a morning person. Oh well. I like my job.

Anyways. This is what I am wearing today. Obviously this is Mickey Mouse. 🐭 (the emoji is not as cute as Mickey.)

I got my sweater from forever 21 about two years ago. It’s not that warm but I love it.

I did accidentally shrink it though so I added a thick black band around the waste and made the sleeves longer.



This outfit is super comfortable. In this weather I don’t wish to wear anything that isn’t easy to cuddle in and be cozy.


To order this sweater go to and in the search bar type in Disney. They have multiple different options.

I love forever 21. It’s cheap and cute. I wish we had one in our mall.

All we have is Sears, Younkers, and “paint a pot” places.

Alright! I hope you enjoyed my sweater. Maybe it’ll make you as happy as it makes me!
Have a good day! Stay warm!



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