If I Was Stranded on a Desert Island.

Here are the ten things I would bring with me if I were going to be shipped to a desert island. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. Here ya go anyways.

1. Al. IMG_5415 This dog is my soulmate. He rescued me, I didn’t rescue him. Everyone thinks that their dog is the greatest dog in the world, and they’re right. Everyone’s dog is the greatest. Mines just the best at being the greatest. I’m not bias about him or anything… 😉

2. Calvin. Calvin Collage This is my boyfriend of four years. I expect a ring at some point in life just not at this point in my life.

3. Dr. Pepper.Dr-Pepper-Poster It’s good. It’s delicious. It’s going to a desert island with me.

4. An endless supply of Kale. It’s my favorite. kale-benefits-1-1

5. Sunblock. I don’t tan, I burn.

6. Shampoo. My hair is a greasy mess most days and I refuse to have my hair not be washed. I probably do smile like this while washing my hair. I love the feeling of clean hair.Unknown

7. My blanket. I’m always cold, and my blanket is never to far out of reach. I love that thing. Its old, faded, and torn, but it’s mine. I wish I had a picture.

8. A Hammock. Those things are the bomb. But I’d need an automatic rocker one (if they make those) because I hate having to swing myself.

9. Toothpaste… enough said.

10. Cards. I’ll get bored pretending I am Ariel from the little mermaid all day, so I’ll need a deck of cards.


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