Hello Adulthood

Guys. I’m moving. I’m a big girl now. I’ll have to pay rent. I’m so scared I might pee.

I’m freaking the heck out.

I was originally supposed to move end of May but now I’m moving May 1.

Hello Adulthood,

please don’t let me crash and burn.

I’m so nervous. I’m so excited.

I’m all grown up now, after all I bought my first shower curtain. If that doesn’t mean I’m all grown up then I don’t know what does.

I wish I had something to show you, like an outfit, or makeup, but I don’t. I have worked every day this week and I have nothing but unbrushed hair, and bags under my eyes to show for it.

But I do have something to show you!

These past few weeks I have been suffering with OCRBD, or Obsessive Compulsive Ring Buying Disorder.

I have been obsessed with buying rings. Midi rings especially. My favorite places to buy midi rings are Aldo and Maurices.


Their rings are super cute, super cheap, and super adorable.

I recommend buying them from any place that isn’t expensive though.

Okay, I’ll have another blog post up later tonight.

See ya later alligator!


I saw this yesterday, and I loved it.



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