Diva on a Dime DIY

So like I said a few days ago, I am moving!

There is just one teeny, tiny, ginormous problem. Furniture is so freaking expensive…. if you do it wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I have a big, fancy job someday I too wish to own a nice furniture set. But for the time being, I am just a girl that works at Panera, and make minimum wage.

(counting the days until I get that cosmo license)

So, here I am showing you how you too can be a diva on a dime!

Step one: Go to a thrift shop. (I am a goodwill lover)

Step two: Find a piece of furniture you like.


This is the gem I found.

Step Three: Spend the day with your grandmother, have some fun, and go buy spray paint.

okay.. the grandma part isn’t mandatory, but is highly recommended. Grandmas rock! Well, mines actually a “nana” not a grandma.


Step four: Demo if you’re changing it in any way. Fill the holes with caulk, sand, and wipe down.


Step five: Grab some paint clothes and get to spraying!


Step six: spray and let dry.


Step seven: blog the rest of the piece tomorrow when you finish it.

As for now, I’m off to Half Off Apps at Applebees.

See ya tomorrow! Happy Easter!

Remember 1 Cross + 3 Nails = Forgiven.


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