Has it been a week already?

Okay… the days all went too fast and I kinda forgot about blogging, but here I am!

Before I talk about my new favorite store of all time, I am going to tell you about the best thing that ever happened to me.

So Friday afternoon my friend texts me and says “ya wanna go to the Pistons game tonight in Detroit?” I said “Sure!” although I am not a Pistons fan, I like watching basketball.

He then tells me the best part of the whole thing.

He says these magic words “they’re playing the Indiana Pacers, and we have court side seats.”

Wait… WHAT?! The Pacers……. Court side seats……. THE Pacers. I didn’t have to pay a dime either.

It was the time of my life. I was a two feet away from George Hill. I about died.


I’m sure he wanted to propose to me, but we have to get to know each other before I am willing to live happily ever after with him. Him or Paul George. I’m sure I would be just fine being either one of their wives.

Even though Mr. George has affairs with his teammates wives and what not.

Whatever. We are all flawed, and he is beautiful.


I am still so happy.

Oh, and we won.


Breathe, Selina.


There is this store in my town called Gordman’s. The sell home furnishings and clothing. Now I haven’t looked at their clothes too much but for home decor its the bomb.

Its like TJMaxx and Marshalls on steroids.

I am so in love with it.

Go look and see. The only annoying thing is that their website doesn’t let you shop online.

I love shopping on line, I am so good at it too.

Oh! Look at how my furniture piece turned out.!

Before: IMG_4678 After: IMG_6692


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