This is where the title of my blog should be.

Ummm hi. I feel like this is our first time meeting. Like a first date. A test run. We’ve never met. 

Hi Selina. Welcome back to your blog. Ya know the blog that you randomly abandoned with no idea why and for no good reason? Yeah, that blog. The one about beauty and makeup and all things fun. 

So, my 56 bff’s hi. I’m back! 

I missed you  

Here I am. Going to blog and stuff.  

this is what I did while I was away

  1. Went to Florida 
  2. Did a 1,000 piece puzzle 
  3. Read 3 books 
  4. Found a new apartment because the one place I was going to move to was sketchy as could be. 
  5. Broke up with my boyfriend
  6. Got back together with my boyfriend 
  7. Reconnected with my family 
  8. Got a promotion
  9. Packed because I move Thursday to my less sketchy apartment. 
  10. Contemplated buying a fish or a turtle. Which one should I choose? Fish? 
  11. Lost all my friends because who needs friends when I’ve got you babies.

Anyways. Makeup. Hair. Let’s talk about the actual point of this blog.

Have you guys heard of Ardel lashes? They’re at the drugstore and they’re amazing. Go buy them.

 They aren’t mink lashes which kinda makes me happy. I’m not sure how I feel about mink lashes. Kinda makes me sad to know I’m wearing an animal. 

I also bought a gel nail starter kit by sensational and I regret it throughly. It was cheap and I should’ve known better. 


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