She’s 5’1″, but she likes to say she’s 5’3″ even though it’s obvious she isn’t.

She’s often annoyingly perky. So gosh darn perky. It’s like she never put her cheerleading days behind her.

She’s blonde. Well, she’s gray, but she pays money to become blonde. (although I told her once I’m done with school I’ll do her hair for free.) Its the least I could do considering she brought me into the world free of charge.

She cries so much. It’s on a whole other level. Us women cry, and we cry often. BUT THIS WOMAN CRIES ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Bachelor season finale – cries. Michael Jackson died a million years ago -cries.

She doesn’t like coffee, she likes the smell, but refuses to drink it.

She used to garden. She had a big garden, and she was good at it.

She cuddles. She always wants to cuddle. It’s a good thing she had a second child because her and Braxton were made to cuddle, my dad and I not so much.

She spoils the dogs, but she’s secretive about it.

She’s a cradle robber. My dad was a baby when she married him, she’s a whole 3 years older than him.

She thinks wine is a fruit because it came from grapes. She prefers white wine. Red is too sweet.

She loves celebrity gossip/news.

She’s a nurse.

She gets very excited about sports even though all she watches is the Super Bowl, Olympics, and my brothers XC meets. She cheers louder than anyone.

Did I mention she cries a lot?

She worries. She called me upset a few days ago because I hadn’t informed her if I had been locking my doors at night, thus she spent all night worrying.

Her favorite color is yellow. Which matches her perky personality.

She likes to buy lawn ordainments.

She’s not very strong, in fact she’s hilariously weak, she can’t lift much.

She also can’t throw. Often times she throws something and it lands behind her.

She shops, it’s a passion of hers.

She loves church.

She is a million different things, she is my mother. And I can’t wait to be just like her when I grow up.


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