A boy called me fat.

First of all before I dive into this post I’d just like to say that the boys of Grand Rapids, Michigan suck.

I went on a date last night. It was going fine but I couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t very talkative and he wouldn’t look at me. I just thought he was a quiet person or something.


He’s just an ass. There is no other word to describe him.

I wake up to a text this morning and it says “you were bigger than I was expecting, why did you hide that?”

I responded by saying “and you’re a much bigger ass than I was expecting, why did you hide that from me?”

there will not be a second date.

I know boys don’t defy your self worth and all that, but it sucks.

I knew I had gain some weight since starting school, but I didn’t realize It was so bad that I would be judged for it.


As if I didn’t hate myself enough. Thank you, sir, I’m glad you felt like it was your civil duty to make me feel like complete and utter shit. It means a lot. As if I didn’t already have depression, and let things get to me easily.

Sorry guys, I had to vent.


3 thoughts on “A boy called me fat.

  1. That had to hurt. You are going to meet other people like him. It would’ve been better had he just thank-you and that he didn’t think you two were a good fit. Sorry this happened. Try to move on. Part of beating depression is developing good coping skills.


  2. Clearly, he is a jerk and not worth a second thought. He didn’t have to say that. I like how you called him out. Don’t lump all the GR guys in the same group. They aren’t all jerks. :). Having a child with Down syndrome I’ve learned that people can say mean things and be disrespectful. I’m learning to get a thick skin to idiots and be even a more compassionate person. The learning curve isn’t always fun. I’m sorry you had that happen. Love you.


  3. At least your answer was funny! TheUberbook.com is building a ‘weight’ gallery I have recommended this post. Check out the LIFE STUFF galleries, request an add via the WRITERS sign up page if you’d like this post to be on there. You get my vote although I don’t have a say on whether you are eventually added.

    The Ed.


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