Am I not normal?

I go to school with a lot of girls. Like probably too many, and right now I can’t deal with how many girls I go to school with.

So much “drama” even though, there isn’t anything to be dramatic about.

I’m getting along great with my classmates and I love them, I just can’t wait to not see them for two days. I say that lovingly, but I just need a break from them.

Here’s why:


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.57.50 PM

Seriously, there are multiple girls that are planning their wedding. I’m saying “planning their wedding” instead of “engaged” because most of these girls don’t have rings. They have boyfriends they’ve dated for a few months, are 18-22, and planning weddings.

Or they’re pregnant, which to me is less crazy than planning a wedding without being engaged.

Am I crazy though? Am I not normal?

I have to say I want to get married and have babies too, but I thought people got a ring first before planning all this.

Please just let me know if my mentality is off, was I raised wrong?

Please don’t think I am against getting married young either. I am not.

I have no opinion on when is a good age to get married, I really don’t think it’s my place to have an opinion on when someone gets married.

I’m more expressing concern. My friends haven’t even argued with their guys yet, they don’t know what makes them tick. I feel like there is this phase you go through in a relationship and its the “every time we fight I worry we will break up” phase. Eventually that phase either results in you guys getting over that phase or you fight and breakup. They’re still in the cupcake my man is flawless phase.

I’m just scared that these girls are going to get married, argue with their guy one night, and then worry that divorce is the only option. They’re young, and they’re girls, we jump to conclusions when we are scared and upset.

Please just tell me if I’m being out dated, should I start planning a wedding without a ring?

Pinterest is making women crazy, its making them all think that life is a race and whoever does all the “milestones” in life the quickest wins.

I guess I will just take last place voluntarily then.

Even when I was with Calvin —(this is a complicated story right now that I’m not willing to talk about yet, we’ve been talking though, and I know I said things on here, but I did/do miss him I just hate admitting that)— I wasn’t planning a wedding!

If its supposed to last forever, take time, if the person loves you too they’ll wait.

Side note- the guy has changed the wedding date five times, he keeps pushing it back, or coming up with excuses about things, and for a while he didn’t want to tell his parents. we-woo, we-woo, we-woo those are warning signs to me…

Maybe they’re not, maybe I’m the delusional one.

If you know he’s the one, why not wait until you have moved out of your parents house, or have graduated school (its  5-6 months away)

I don’t know, I’m scared for these girls…

I’m also scared that I’m the abnormal one, because I’m the minority at school -no kids, no wedding planning.

But, hey, at least we all still have something in common, none of us have rings! 😉

sorry that was mean

Iove you!


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