Please Pray Today

If for some reason you haven’t heard, Paris is under attack. Many are dead and there are still many people being held hostage by these terrorists.

My heart is extremely sad to hear about what is going on in that beautiful country.

Parisians get a bad rep. by Americans for being snooty, or mean. However the people that say that are delusional and most likely they’re the mean ones. The two weeks I spent traveling that beautiful country, I never once thought that they were anything other than amazing.

I really like to think that this world is beautiful and good. However when things like this happen, its hard to see that. I hope France comes out stronger and united after this catastrophic event.

Please pray for that beautiful country, and if you have someone over there just know the whole world is praying for them tonight. God is there, even though it’s hard to see.

There is a significant amount of evil in this world, and today reminded us of that fact.

I hope you all put France at the top of your prayer list tonight.

Hold your family tight tonight, hug them, tell them you love them, be kind to one another,  because this world can be such an awful ugly place sometimes.

I love you guys,

God bless,



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