Have a Happy Day


I am not the girl that cares about football.

However, I am also not the girl who plays dumb and says “go team” or “is this the sport with the big orange ball?!” just to look cute and dumb… because thats such an attractive quality to have, ladies.

You want to sit and watch a basketball game? Perfect, I’m your girl. But I couldn’t care less about any other sport.

To each their own. May the best team win today.

Panthers…Broncos… may the odds be ever in your favor.

I am going to watch the game today though, I think it is a fun game to watch every year, and hopefully the commercials are better than last year.

This wasn’t the point of the post today though.

But to be honest, I came on here with no idea what my point was going to be.

I think I was just bored, I wanted to do a puzzle, or read a book, but I have none of those.

Sundays are the best days to be bored. Time travels slower.

Okay, sorry for this randomness, I’m leaving you now, I just came to wish you a happy Sunday, and I hope whatever team you’re hoping for wins.

Here’s a little Michigan humor from all of us, to all of you:





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