Telling People No

You learn a lot about someone when you tell them “thanks but no thanks.” For instance; they become upset, like you’re personally attacking them.


I recently accepted a job for when I’m done with school! Hooray!

It was my number one choice out of the salon/spas that I applied to. So naturally, when they offered me the job, I calmly said “I’d love to!” While inside I was holding back the urge to cry, and hug my new boss.

Once I accepted the job, I realized I now have to make a few phone calls and cancel some of my interviews I had set up at other salons. When I called and said “I had an interview on (whatever day) but I have to cancel because I recently accepted another job but thank you for the opportunity.”

Most of them were very kind, one girl even said “Congratulations!”

However, I’ve also gotten “K. Thanks for not wasting out time. *click*”


And in that phone conversation it taught me everything I needed to know about that salon. I learned that if I were to have worked there, I’d have hated in two seconds. And that the Lord was looking out for me.

Whatever, I wish that salon the best of luck. And I am super excited about my job to the point that nothing is going to stop me from being in this happiness.

Also! I finally am moving too, and I already have a roommate! Thank the Lord, rent is going to be so much cheaper now!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day, its gorgeous in Michigan today, and its warmish.

I love you all!

Hope to talk to you soon-soonish, much is happening in these next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated, I’ll try.




I cut six inches off my hair a few days ago. I decided that if I’m going to start making strides to get my life in order, then that starts with a haircut. After all, I’m a cosmetologist and new hair or makeup makes me feel like I can take over the world.db7071698dd5b06c7d94d1650ef5e7d0.jpg

I’ve decided something as well; I am still going to move out of state, but first I’m going to move back home, get a job, and save money.

I want to move out of Michigan so badly, but it’s going to have to wait.

Moving in with my parents while my baby sibling is moving out, isn’t necessarily ideal either, but I googled to see if it was normal, and many kids move back home after school, so whatever.


I grew up in a gorgeous state. The sun shines at least three times a year, and we wear our parkas for at least 9 months a year. It’s a fantastic place to live if you like the cold or want to raise a family.

I am neither. I will never like the cold and I sure as heck am not raising a family at the moment, give me a few more years, then maybe I will consider it.

I was being sarcastic about the “perks” of Michigan. There are many perks, those aren’t them. It’s a gorgeous state with a bad reputation. It’s breath taking. I will always love Lake Michigan, it’s a part of me. Also, we have Meijer, which is like Walmart but classier.


I hope your week went well. I hope I have something to blog about soon.

I love you!