Look what the cat dragged in

I’m legally a cosmetologist, I’ve moved, and I’ve started my new job.

I’ve been busy, but you guys know me by now, and know that when it comes to my blog posts I’m semi flakey. It’s just a fact that we all are going to have to accept. Even me, I don’t like that this is the case, but it’s how it is and apparently I’m not dedicated enough to change it. So, whatever.

I hope you all are well.

I love my new job, I love that I’m legally licensed, and I love where I live.

My 21st birthday is next month.

More importantly:

DID ANYONE WATCH GAME 5 LAST NIGHT?!?!?! Since the Cavs are my second favorite team I was super excited.

I never have a point to these posts. But I also never really have anything important to talk about. I wish I did, however; I do not.




What happened in Orlando today is absolutely awful.

Those people are gone, forever and there’s nothing we can do about it. All those people mattered to someone.

50 people had moms that wanted phone calls the next day. Had siblings that loved them, grandparents that spoiled them, best friends that wanted to hang out tomorrow. They all had someone. Those people mattered to other people.

As I’ve gotten older, the more emotional I get when I find out things like this happen. When you’re little, you don’t understand, and that’s okay. When you’re five, your biggest concern should be what crayon color to use for your coloring book.

When you get older your concerns get bigger, and that sucks. You worry for you family, and hope they’re safe at all times. You get nervous when you’re walking to your car at night. You make sure you lock the door every night. You’ve heard the stories on the news, so you worry more. It’s only natural.

And now this tragedy occurred.

50 people had plans. One of them could’ve had plans to be a lawyer, and maybe another one was just trying to make it through the day, we don’t know. Maybe one was in med school, one could’ve just passed their cosmetology exam, another one could’ve just gotten  their first tattoo. It doesn’t matter what they were doing, what they aspired to be, what they believed, or where they were from. They were someone. They were someone that mattered.

America is sad today.

I hope those families know that America is here for them. From Michigan to Maine, Connecticut to California, we are here for them.

I hope you’re well, I hope you know you’re loved. I hope you stay safe. Call your mom, she loves you. Call your dad, he’s tough but he thinks the world of you. Hug your friends. Because there are 50 people in this world that left too soon and didn’t get to say “I love you” one last time.

I’ve had nothing to post lately, maybe tomorrow I’ll post about what I’ve been up to considering a lot has changed since everything is different. I love you.

Stay amazing,