Let talk hair…

It’s something I love and I don’t talk about it on here enough.

So first off there are many types of extensions. Theres tape-in, fusion, micro-link, sew-in, halo, and clip-ins.

I can’t tell you which one is best, because it depends on each individual person. It depends on your lifestyle, your needs, your willingness for maintenance.

Me? I’m a die hard fan for the clip-in extensions. I like the low maintenance, and practicality of the clip-ins. I think I curl my extensions once, maybe twice goodbye.

So if anyone wants to know my opinion on certain clip-in brands stay tuned.

Side note: I haven’t tried all these brands so I asked for my friends opinions when they tried them. I trust their opinion.


BELLAMI Hair Extensions: Rating: 4/10

For any of you that are familiar with extensions, you probably have heard of BELLAMI Hair Extensions. Every girl on Youtube rants and raves about them. From behind the camera lens they also looked beautiful to me too. Then two of my friends ordered them and it was a mess.

Now, my friends are professionals in the cosmetology industry just like me. They know how to properly take care of extensions, they take care of them. They did everything they were supposed to, and it was still a mess.

One friend had hers on in normal weather conditions and they tangled so badly she had to throw them away in two months. (Now, yes, she was at a picnic outside, and maybe the wind blew a few times) However, I don’t think being outside should make any difference. After all, it was 100% human hair, and does that happen to your actual hair? No, it doesn’t. Even in slightly windy conditions, you can still brush your hair afterwards. I saw them for myself and it was bad.

My other friend, had hers come and they felt like they were straw. I felt them myself, it was like hay. Again, 100% human hair… brand new $200+ extensions shouldn’t do that.

So, personally I wouldn’t buy them. They are not all they’re cracked up to be. However if you still are intrigued and want to buy them if you use the code “Jaclyn” you can get $5 off. This is Jaclyn Hill’s discount code. She is the best when it comes to makeup. She knows what she’s doing. I trust she gave an honest review about hair extensions, I’m sure she did get good quality ones. Maybe its just the luck of the draw for quality when it comes to BELLAMI.



SKR Hair: Rating: 10/10

So you want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad news it is.

Their website got hacked in January and no shipments have been received or gone out since then. Hence why I didn’t attach the hyperlink. My friend ordered some a few months back, and they’ve yet to show up.

Good news? These extensions lasted me 6 years, and they are the most amazing brand, I would’ve totally purchased them again in a heartbeat. They were great. I don’t know if they’re officially out of business, or if they’re still trying to be… unhacked? Dehacked? I don’t know the correct term.

I would buy again, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to.

Sally Beauty Hair Extensions: Rating: 6/10

You want a middle of the road, not too expensive, brand? Then march on over to Sally Beauty’s and get yourself a pack of the extensions. They’re a medium/low quality hair extension that will last you a good six months. I’ve heard mixed reviews from everybody. Three years ago, they were awful. I’ve heard they’ve stepped their game up. If you check out their website you’ll read mixed reviews. Thats exactly how I feel as well… mixed.

Luxy Hair Extensions: Rating: TBD

I just recently ordered these extensions. I will receive them in the mail tomorrow. All I can say so far is that their customer service is great. I will let you guys know how I feel about the extensions in a few weeks.



That’s all I got guys. I really hope I’ll be able to give you a good and worth your money brand to try soon. I hope Luxy is amazing. Because currently the hair extensions world is not doing well.



I cut six inches off my hair a few days ago. I decided that if I’m going to start making strides to get my life in order, then that starts with a haircut. After all, I’m a cosmetologist and new hair or makeup makes me feel like I can take over the world.db7071698dd5b06c7d94d1650ef5e7d0.jpg

I’ve decided something as well; I am still going to move out of state, but first I’m going to move back home, get a job, and save money.

I want to move out of Michigan so badly, but it’s going to have to wait.

Moving in with my parents while my baby sibling is moving out, isn’t necessarily ideal either, but I googled to see if it was normal, and many kids move back home after school, so whatever.


I grew up in a gorgeous state. The sun shines at least three times a year, and we wear our parkas for at least 9 months a year. It’s a fantastic place to live if you like the cold or want to raise a family.

I am neither. I will never like the cold and I sure as heck am not raising a family at the moment, give me a few more years, then maybe I will consider it.

I was being sarcastic about the “perks” of Michigan. There are many perks, those aren’t them. It’s a gorgeous state with a bad reputation. It’s breath taking. I will always love Lake Michigan, it’s a part of me. Also, we have Meijer, which is like Walmart but classier.


I hope your week went well. I hope I have something to blog about soon.

I love you!


Confessions of a Cosmetologist


I have a problem. I know I do. I can openly admit it.

Normally I’d apologize for it but I will not. I chose to be a cosmetologist and therefore I am forever justified when it comes to buying hair, makeup, skincare, and nail products.

I mean I wouldn’t want to have you go out and buy a product without knowing if it was worth the buy or not. Its a service to you in all actuality.

I went to the Chicago hair show this weekend. I am forever obsessed and I can’t wait to go back again next year.

I also attended the Stylist Choice Awards where I got a whole bag of FULL SIZE free products, yeah, you read me right, FULL SIZE:


This bag consisted of:

  1. Wella Dry Me EmMi- dry shampoo
  2. Daily Beauty Satin Finish Treatment – heat protectant
  3. Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose – plumping mousse
  4. Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher- hair repair
  5. Nixon Intensive Therapy Night Density Rescue – thickens hair
  6. TiGi Bed Head JoyRide – texturizing powder
  7. American Crew Fiber -texturizing clay (for men)
  8. Chi Tea Tree Oil  Soothing Scalp Spray – miracle in a bottle, soothes scalp
  9. Joico Hair Shake Liquid-To-Powder Texturing Finisher – hairspray
  10. label.m Texturising Volume Spray – hairspray
  11. Martino Glass Slippers Satin Sparkle Spray – glitter for the fun of it
  12. Kenra Fast-Dry Hairspray – hairspray
  13. Sebastian Erupted Explosive Volume and Texture – texturizing gel
  14. MoroccanOil Texture Clay – texturizing
  15. Living Proof style | lab flex shaping spray – hairspray
  16. MarulaOil Rare Oil 3 -in-1 Styling Cream – styling cream

*the other two products I didn’t mention are not available to anyone but cosmetologists. Also, inside the box was just cup holders… I know, odd.


The following day I went to the hair show, and it was the best time ever.


I proceeded to get the following products:

  1. Light Elegance UV/LED light – for gel/acrylic nails
  2. MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask – hair mask
  3. MoroccanOil Texture Clay – texturizing
  4. Shuga Leave-in Conditioner – leave in conditioner…. miracle in an aerosol can
  5. Shuga Hairspray – hairspray
  6. Shuga Gel Crème – gel crème
  7. Gigi Wax – wax
  8. Cuccio Sugar Scrubs – exfoliant
  9. Cuckoo Body Butter – fancy word for lotion
  10. Crown Brush KB16 – contour brush
  11. Crown Brush C452 Flat Bronzer – Kabuki brush
  12. Morphe G6 – Kabuki Brush

The three gray boxes are colors for hair coloring.

I just wanted to show you guys all the good stuff I received this weekend! If you have any questions about the products feel free to ask below!


I love you!







Hey guys!

So I was just sitting her doing nothing when all of the sudden I had an epiphany!

I go to an Aveda cosmetology schools.

Meaning all the products that we use is Aveda.

If you haven’t heard of Aveda, let me tell you about it!

Aveda is an all natural, organic, hair, skin, and makeup line. Or as we are supposed to say “Aveda is the art and science of pure flower and plant essence.”

To be honest, I was a skeptic at first. I still am when it comes to the makeup, except for the lip glosses, if you’re looking for a pigmented gloss, Aveda has some very nice ones.

I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you though.

*I’d like to apologize that I don’t have any photos of them I kept trying to upload and my computer wouldn’t let me. But I recommend opening a new tab and going to http://www.Aveda.com and searching as you read.

My favorite shampoo that we have is the Rosemary Mint line. When I die, I think Heaven will smell like this shampoo.

Now the conditioner I use is called Madder Root. Let me tell you about this conditioner, its super cool. Well actually there are a few kinds of these conditioners, and I’m going to inform you of all of them!

Madder root is for red hair – the conditioner basically works as a temporary color, it enhances the red pigment.

Blue Malva is for Grey and Blonde hair – It creates silvery brightness to grey hair, and deducts brassy tones in blondes.

Black Malva is for brunette and black hair – diminishes red hues.

Camomile is for people with lighter golden tones in their hair – it enhances the golden tones in the hair.

Clove Color is for medium brown shades of hair – enhances warm tones.

Now I am only mentioning the conditioners because the conditioners are the ones that contain the pigmentation, the shampoo has some but its not as noticeable as if you were to use the conditioner. Of course they do work beautifully together, I just really love the rosemary mint shampoo.

My favorite styling line is Pure Abundance or the Brilliant line. We have lines for all types of hair, and I love them, they only one I haven’t worked too much with is the Be Curly line.

My favorite Pure Abundance products are:

  1. Pure Abundance Style Prep – it is a heat protectant (which you should be using because heat is so damaging for your hair) but it also adds volume, and it isn’t heavy on the hair. I love this product, it’s just a good product, I can’t even explain it, it’s just the bomb.
  2. I also love the Pure Abundance Hair Potion – It’s so cool! But it’s tricky. It is a powder that you just kind of put on the roots of your hair. It is a powder and that is how it is supposed to be. If you shake the bottle before use it becomes a liquid and when that happens its basically no good. I love this product though. it really does add lift to the hair. It works especially well on people with shorter hair.

My Favorite Brilliant products are:

  1. Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade – The product does exactly what the name of it says it does. It repels humidity. This product is great for the summer time. Have you ever curled your hair in the summer, step outside, and watch your hair just fall? I swear, if you use this product, you won’t ever have that problem again.
  2. Brilliant Humectant Pomade – This does the exact opposite. I’d start using this product in the winter months. especially if you live in a place that becomes Antarctica in the winter, like Michigan. This product does work very well on textured hair, my friend says she has been using it for a while now, even during the summer because she wants the moisture in her hair, because her hair is more coarse and dry.
  3. Brilliant Spray-on Shine – it adds shine. There really isn’t much else to say. Except I would only use 1-2 sprays for the whole head, because a little goes a long way.

Now, last but definietly not least, Aveda Blue Oil. This is probably the most miraculous product I’ve ever used. It is just an oil but it works miracles. Have a headache? Rub it on the area that is sore and watch the ache decrease magnificently. Seriously I have been getting a lot of migraines lately, and this oil has saved me numerous times. It dissolves tension beautifully.

  • multiple people have asked me if there is any form of Hemp or Cannabis in this product and the answer is no. Aveda is natural but not that natural.

If by some miracle you are still reading this long page, God bless you, and thank you.

Have a lovely night, Kim is on Periscope now so I’m going to go listen to her change my life.

LoVe YoU!