You know that quote; “All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lotta Jesus”?

Well, it’s false. I just need Jesus.

If I’m being honest, which I am, my prayer life is poor. I am the Christian who goes to God when I have a problem.

Corrie ten Boom asked; “is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Unfortunately I don’t even think prayer is my spare tire. I think it’s an old flat tire I have out in the shed somewhere covered in dust.

Then I realized that the only reason that my prayer life is bad is because I let it get this way. It isn’t like I sit down to pray and God says “hold on Selina, John Smith in Timbuktu’s issue is more important than yours, come back later.”

He’s not doing that. In fact He’s the one waiting patiently for me to come to Him and I’m the one saying “hold on God, I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I’ll pray tomorrow, come back later.”

Guess who keeps showing up to talk to me… guess who keeps giving Him excuses…a8610cc9ce77ed2866be58f8d03bec2f.jpg

I’m fixing that though. I’m 100% determined to become the woman He created me to be. I don’t know who that is yet, but I know it’s better than whatever it is that I’m trying to do.

Everything seems so small once I talk to Him.

I’m going to throw it back to Sunday School by saying this. but He really does have the whole world in His hands.

I can’t say that I have an exact step by step plan on how I’m going to fix my relationship with God, but hey welcome to the whole point of this blog. I’m just one big “I’m not sure but I’m going to try.”

I do know that I’m going to start with prayer, and that’s all I know for now.

I can guarantee you my prayers are not going to be beautiful and poetic, those types of prayers are nice but they don’t speak from my heart. Big and fancy words are also not something I’m going to be throwing in there. I think my prayers are more like a conversation with Him, which is kind of how I like it. Considering I’m determined to let God become my new best friend.

I have hope in this new journey I’m taking.

That’s all I’ve got.

If you’re still reading this babble, Thank you, I love you, and have a lovely night.


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Please Pray Today

If for some reason you haven’t heard, Paris is under attack. Many are dead and there are still many people being held hostage by these terrorists.

My heart is extremely sad to hear about what is going on in that beautiful country.

Parisians get a bad rep. by Americans for being snooty, or mean. However the people that say that are delusional and most likely they’re the mean ones. The two weeks I spent traveling that beautiful country, I never once thought that they were anything other than amazing.

I really like to think that this world is beautiful and good. However when things like this happen, its hard to see that. I hope France comes out stronger and united after this catastrophic event.

Please pray for that beautiful country, and if you have someone over there just know the whole world is praying for them tonight. God is there, even though it’s hard to see.

There is a significant amount of evil in this world, and today reminded us of that fact.

I hope you all put France at the top of your prayer list tonight.

Hold your family tight tonight, hug them, tell them you love them, be kind to one another,  because this world can be such an awful ugly place sometimes.

I love you guys,

God bless,


Real Quick

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all doing great!

I just wanted to hop on here quickly and share something with you.

There is this lady out in the world and God is working magic through her.

She is a pastor.

Her usernames for social media is RealTalkKim.

Have you heard of the app Periscope? Its really cool. Most nights she gets on and preaches.

Its a live feed and super cool.

You should check it out!

It’s a fun little app.

*this isn’t a promotional or anything, I really just wanted you guys to know about it.*

I’m sad today.

today was one of my bad days.

I lowercased all of that because thats my mood right now, lowercase, sad, gloomy, uninspired.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have depression. If I haven’t mentioned it then I will now. I have depression.

I have good days and bad days. I’m on medication and I do have more good days then bad days now, but today is a bad day.

My ratio of bad days are like 1:30 days a month. So only really one bad day every once in a while.

But unfortunately today is that day.

And what sucks the most is I knew it was going to happen, I sensed it last night before I went to bed. I felt the black dog coming closer to me. (I like to describe depression as a scary black dangerous dog.)

I tried everything too.

I went to church.

I got coffee.

I did my hair.

I looked cute.

I played with makeup.


So here I am, blogging. And it’s kind of helping. I feel like I’m actually talking to a friend. You guys are my friends by the way. All 51 of you are the bomb. Thanks for being my friend, all by choice.

But I did make a video today and I wanted to share it with you!

Here is the link!


I don’t have a professional camera, and whatnot so don’t judge the quality.

Actually, don’t judge in general. It’s rude and nothing but heartbreaking for the person who is being judged.

I took this from tumblr:

Do you think God ever gets sad? Like, “What do you mean, you don’t love yourself? I worked so hard on you….”

I think He does. I know He worked on me and I am His, but I think He also knows that I can’t help this feeling right now.

I’m learning to love myself. Just not today.

The best thing ever happened today.


Can you believe it? I completely understand if you don’t. It’s crazy to think, but such an awesome thing.

Jesus rose from the dead today.

Jesus died for your sins and three days later He came back.

It’s a crazy thing to comprehend.

But it is so





Just remember, never forget.


All He wants is you. Thats why He died for you. You’re the love of His life.