The loves of my life

IMG_0005 IMG_0279 IMG_0433

(From left to right)

Meet Leo, Al, and Zurg (Zurg died in May, but I wanted to post him anyway.)

These are the loves of my lives. I will probably be posting about them often because they’re adorable and the rest of the world should see their cuteness too.

Leo is about three years old now (in this photo he was four weeks old), Leo is a goofball, and obsessed with fetch. You never see him without a tennis ball. If you do, it probably is because he wants to be held.

Al is my soulmate. He is six years old, and lazy. The exact opposite of Leo. He loves to cuddle, lay, and sleep. Which is why he is my soulmate. Al is also a diva (like me) and demands attention at all times.

Zurg was my dog that I had ever since I was four. He died at thirteen years old. Zurg was the grumpiest, smelliest dog you’d ever meet. He was ours though, regardless of his attitude and smell. RIP little buddy.

I’ll post about them often, because like I said, they’re the loves of my life.