Home… sick

I’m home… sick. Not the emotional home sick either. I’m sick, and I’m at home. There’s a garbage can next to me just incase.

The following meme describes my thought process these past three days:


I’m tired of tea, I’m tired of 7 up, I’m tired of saltine crackers, I’m tired of vegetable broth.  I’m whiny and grumpy. I want my mom.

Do you guys have a remedy to help me?

I get super dizzy quickly and I’m exhausted.

Please help.


Okay heres to my blog post:

Now I don’t know if you guys know or not but my dream is to someday live in Indianapolis.

“But why, Selina? Does anything happen there?” You all ask.

“I don’t have a clue as to why. It’s just a thing. It’s my destiny and I have to go.” Says me.

“Okay then.” You all say.

Me *jumps and skips and goes on about my boring day*

Some people have had this feeling about a husband, long term boyfriend, a pet, or a career path.

They say something along the lines of, “when you know, you know.”

And that’s how I feel about this city. The second I got there I knew I wanted to spend a good chunk of my life living there.


I’ve even taken steps in order to be able to move there. For instance I’m saving!

Now on a scale of 0-Donald Trump on how much money I have saved, I’m about a .05%… so, I’m not quite there… yet. It’s going to happen. I’m trying my hardest though. I’m passionate about saving so I can move.


I’m giving this challenge a try this year. In my career you get a lot of 5$ bills, so it’s worth a shot.

I have a five year plan. I’m actually going to Indianapolis soon so I can get a “lay of the land.” I want to see a few salons, see different living areas, eat at different restaurants, and get the vibe.

I belong in this city. How do you guys save? Do you have any tips or tricks? This sounds odd but I do better saving cash. If I have money on my bank card I will spend it. Cash guilts me into saving. I don’t know how or why, but its just what works for me.

These are some of my 2017 Motto’s:

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Adventure’s calling.

If there is one quote that describes my life it would be “I go to seek a great perhaps” by John Green.

I love adventure.

I’m one of those people that just wants to travel in life.

“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” is another quote that I really love.

Because its true.

Now I have been to France:


And Tanzania (in Africa):


Isn’t this photo awesome! I went on a safari. It was terrifying and amazing to be so close to one of God’s amazing creations. Side note: Elephants aren’t friendly and I’m slightly afraid of them now.

I have so many places to explore, this world is too amazing for me to stay in Boringtown, Michigan.

What cool places have you guys been to? Where should my next adventure take me.

Now I know my title is “Diva on a DIME.” and to clarify – I have not stumbled upon millions of dollars in the past three weeks. I’m still scrambling for pennies.

I do; however, save my money. I spent $1,400 total for my trip to Tanzania. I took cheap and slightly scary airlines.

Sidenote: Ethiopian Airways has very nice flight attendants but their planes could use some work.

I felt like I had to justify that bit of information.

If I was paid to travel I would so do it.

I can’t stand this beautiful mitten state anymore. I was so lucky to be brought up in such a beautiful area in the world. But it’s time for me to go see the the rest of it.

So, Im going to Orlando Saturday! I’ll take a million pictures!

See you soon,

love ya!